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The Kennedy Family Album . with over 200 Photographs by Bob Davidoff and Sons

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      Understanding Copyright and Photography

To keep it simple, whoever creates the image and owns either a negative, slide, or electronic file is the person that owns the copyright.This extends through the life of the photographer and can even be passed down through the family. This protects the photographer from anyone else making copies
of there work. Some people just don't get this concept, saying" I bought this photograph, So I can do anything I want to with it", well that not quite true! Yes, you purchased this image for  x amount of $, AND YOU COULD VERY WELL SELL IT AT A PROFIT( Ken's work is always increasing in value ), That's not a problem. The problem would be the purchaser making copies
of the image, AND SELLING THOSE FOR A PROFIT. THAT'S WHEN YOU HEAR FROM MY ATTORNEY. Thank you for your purchase, please tell
your friends, and come back often.

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                                   "Let Me In", Instrumental Version
                              Written and Performed by Jack Connell


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