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The Kennedy Family Album Cover Art

A Collectible
Photo of The Kennedy Family

 The Forward of the book a quote by Senator
Edward M Kennedy

This Photograph is in the
collection of The
Kennedy Library, The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and The Smithsonian

JFK and

Kennedy Collectibles Photos
Natural color or Laserart



This famous photograph, the cover art for the book
   The Kennedy Family Album, was taken on Easter
   Morning 1963 by Bob Davidoff* on the steps of the
   Kennedy Compound in Palm Beach. This amazing
   image JFK and Family is available in 2     different
   formats, Natural color or Laserart. These look more
   like paintings than photos especially with the added
   clear coat brush strokes. To mount this photograph
   on an artist canvas the color lab stripped the emulsion 
   from the photographic paper and bonded it to a 16x20
   stretched artist canvas. 
         My father the signed, dated, and numbered these 
   canvas photographs in gold. Even though they are
   numbered to 1,000, only 200 of each format were ever
   produced on the first and only print run. There are only
   100 16x20 canvas prints now available to the public in 
   each format, Natural Color and Laserart.  This exact
   image is already in the collection of The Kennedy
   Library, The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts,
   and The Smithsonian.These images come with a
   certificate of authenticity signed by my father Bob
   Davidoff. These photos can only be purchased through
   KOOAK making them a very rare Kennedy Collectible.
*  Bob Davidoff was a magnificent photographer and a loyal friend. His remarkable personality
    and charming sense of humor had us all smiling whenever he aimed his camera our way . For
    me, his legacy will live on in the wonderful photographs he took of our family over the years...
   ----A quote from Senator Edward M. Kennedy for the Forward of The Kennedy Family 
    1963 Easter Morning                        Brush Strokes NC                        Signature                        1963 Easter Laserart                                                Brushstrokes Laserart                                                                                                                                                    

       Item 1                 Item 2               Item 3              Item 4             Item 5                Item 6    

    Frame Detail                        Proportion                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

          Item 7              Item 8              Item 9            Item 10             Item 11               Item 12

           Click These Thumbnails To See Details Of The 
                                   Cover Art

                                          Thumbnail Descriptions

         Item 1- 16x20 Natural Color on Canvas                                             $1000.00
         Item 2- Brush strokes on the Jacket Natural Color
         Item 3- Signature 
         Item 4- 16x20 Laserart on canvas                                                       $1000.00
         Item 5- Close up of Item 4
         Item 6- Brush strokes on Item 4
         Item 7- View of Back
         Item 8- Laserart 27x40 1963 Easter Morning in a Floating Frame        $2500.00 
         This is Signed by Bob Davidoff there is only one and has never been completely unwrapped
         Item 9- Floating Frame Detail plus Laserart example
         Item 10- More of Item 9
         Item 11- Ready to hang
         Item 12- Certificate of Authenticity Come with each piece 

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  The Kennedy Family Album
                  Cover Art
The Kennedy Family Album        

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                         Author Linda Corley and Photographs by Bob Davidoff 
                                            Running Press, Perseus Books  
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